About us

Temporary Tattoos

How did it all start?

Here at Tattoorary we love all things fun and colorful. We love summer, we love flowers, we love festivals and music and of course we love tattoos. But here is the thing: have you ever thought about getting a tattoo because you love the look, but were too scared to get one? Well, I’ve been there! There are many designs I love but I can’t make up my mind and choose just one (or a few) and know I will love them for the rest of my life. That’s why I decided to create beautiful temporary tattoos that where just as pretty as the real deal but temporary.

What do we offer? 

At Tattoorary you will find beautiful vintage designs, floral tattoos and bohemian inspired tattoos. I’m also celebrating being Dutch with amazing Delft Blue inspired temporary tattoos. The designs we are offering are a combination of vintage designs and temporary tattoos designed by me. I draw by hand and digitize the image so they can be used for temporary tattoos. I love the hand drawn look, especially for the henna inspired tattoos. It makes it look more ‘made by a real human being’ and a lot less fake.